Antenatal backpain? Physiotherapy can help.

by Amanda Savage on January 25, 2016 in Physiotherapy Advice {Edit}

Can physio help with antenatal backpain?

Are you suffering with antenatal backpain?  Or sciatica, back ache, leg pain?  SPD, PGP? Stand up, walk 2 steps in agony then actually ok once you are on the move? Or absolutely fine until you walk more than 100m?  Tubrigrip or a support belt wonderful……or makes everything worse……?

Antenatal backpain and pelvic problems can seem very strange and individual presentations vary enormously.  But the good news is that the majority of problems can be completely resolved or made very manageable.

Pain is an “unreliable witness” so though a pain pattern gives clues to a problem, a full assessment of the back, pelvis, muscles and nerves is needed to work out the true cause of the pain and guide you what to do (or not) to help.

Antenatal low backache can be an upper back problem.

For example, end of the day low back ache is often due to a combination of a stiff mid back (thoracic spine) and weak abdominal support.  Stiff bits usually don’t hurt much so a tightened mid back creeps up on you.  You may only have noticed that you can’t turn to parallel park!  The load shifts to the lower back and then the lower back aches and complains by the end of the day from having to overwork.

Physiotherapy treatment would first include manual therapy to loosen the spine and restore alignment.  We modify treatment positions for pregnant women so that you don’t have to lie on your front, you can lie on your side or lean forward seated on the gym ball so that we can still properly apply manual therapy techniques but you and your baby are comfortable.

As experienced and passionate pilates instructors we would then teach you safe and effective exercises to maintain the new improved movement and stretch out the whole spine each day.  We also have clever ways to keep your abdominals strong and toned through your entire pregnancy, for good spine support and a rapid postnatal recovery.

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