Neck and back problems

Muscle re-education
Myofasical release
K tape
Active progressive rehabilitation

Sports Injuries

Assessments of force transfers
Active progressive rehabilitation
Sports specific rehabilitation
K Tape, myofacial release
Use of gym equipment eg treadmill, cross trainer, weights
Walking and running analysis
Laser, acupuncture, ultrasound

Muscle pains, aches & strains

Soft tissue and myofacial release
K Tape
Postural re-education
Balance re-education
Active progressive rehabilitation
Core stability programmes
Laser, acupuncture, ultrasound
Ultrasound scanning to aid biofeedback


Care of all joints through mobilisation, stabilisation and rehabilitation programmes.
Shoulder problems such as rotator cuff impingement, post-surgery and muscle strains.
Knee issues such as ACL/PCL injuries, lateral ligament injuries and patella tracking problems.
Hip disorders such as bursitis, preparation for total joint replacement and post-operative rehab and care.

Women's Health

Antenatal and postnatal back care including manual therapy and exercise
Incontinence, stress & urge
Pre & post gynaecological surgery
Muscle stimulation & biofeedback
Pelvic floor exercise training
Core muscle training
Understanding bladder & bowel management

Men's Health

Exercises to prepare the pelvic floor for surgery
Post-operative care and exercise progression
Pelvic floor muscle assessment and rehabilitation including muscle stimulation & biofeedback
Bladder & bowel management strategies

Respiratory/Chest Problems

Asthma control
Hyperventilation management
Bronchiectasis care
Pre and post chest wall surgery preparation and care

Ear Conditions

Dizziness, vertigo and vestibular disturbances can be significantly improved through specialist exercise programmes

Hand Therapy

 Hand therapy is the assessment and treatment of disorders of the hand and wrist using non-surgical methods