“You may remember that on the 10th and 24th March this year you treated me for a knee problem, which I really feared would become a longterm or even permanent problem.

I have continued with the exercises, and I am delighted to say that the knee in question has made a full and total recovery in every way and beyond my expectation. So, thank you so much.”

Graham Hamilton-Hopkins, Duxford

“SCP have helped me manage a number of injuries over the past five years, ranging from ruptured ACL, shoulder injuries, ankle injuries, hamstring problems and back pain. Their diagnosis speed and efficiencies has enable me to get back to full sport and mobility in record times. From Janet’s knowledge and eagerness to go the extra mile to Andy Powell’s one leg pushing workouts post ACL reconstruction South Cambs Physio have all rehabilitation methods covered. Combine this with a first class reputation, their knowledge of injury specialists and medical experts around the country, convenience of location and flexibility of visiting times, it all makes SCP a team I am highly grateful to and have recommended on many occasions.”

Simon Kidney
Acquisitions, Customer Management, International Wealth

“Following a mountain biking accident when I was 16, I suffered from constant back pain and headaches and found exercising was almost impossible due to my restricted movement and the immense pain. Prior to Andy I had seen over 5 different physios as well as a neurological consultant, none of whom were able to eliminate or even provide lasting relief of my symptoms. However, with Andy’s expertise and advice I saw immediate improvements and rapidly began to play sports again. Within 6 months I had made a complete recovery and have suffered no further pain since.

Andy has continued to help throughout my time in Cambridge. After tearing two ligaments in my knee and fracturing my shin whilst playing rugby, Andy came to the rescue again. He was able to immediately identify what damage I had done and advised me on an excellent knee consultant. Together they were able to help me recover much quicker than expected. Andy’s treatment and rehab advice was absolutely invaluable. He helped me to work towards the (optimistic!) goals I had (namely a rowing training camp and a skiing holiday) and I am now fully recovered, suffering from no pain or weakness in my knee.

I cannot recommend Andy highly enough. An extremely skilled and talented physio, he is without doubt the best I’ve ever been treated by. He is extremely perceptive, helpful and kind and every session is a pleasure.”

Mary Carr, Cambridge

“Maxine and myself have been clients of South Cambridge Physiotherapy since 1996. Whenever we have needed treatment or advice we have always received both to the highest professional standard. We would both endorse the practice in every possible respect.”

Maxine & Barry Pratt

Great Massingham, Norfolk.

“I have suffered from a deteriorating leg condition (foot, knee and hip) for many years restricting my walking down to just a few minutes per day in my late thirties.  Over time two principles have emerged.  Firstly, something I learned from osteopathy, is that back inflexibility can be at the root of many leg conditions.  Secondly, something NHS physiotherapy now focuses on, that core stability (following the Principles of Pilates) is essential to maintaining a healthy back and hence functioning legs.  With Julie, at the South Cambs Physio, I have now found a one-stop shop: someone who understands both sides of the equation, with whom I have been able to explore the treatment and exercises needed for my specific condition.  Over the last year I have reversed many years of decline in my walking ability, something my GP had said would not be possible, at least without surgery.”

Bruce Greetham, April 2013

I would like to say how pleased I have been with my treatment at your clinic since my first appointment in August.  Mrs Ali Parkes has been an inspiration to me and has been helpful, very well informed and has given me a wealth of knowledge and many useful tips.

I have enjoyed my visits, have found the ‘follow-up’ exercises helpful, easy to fit into every day life (hence ensuring that they can be done!) and I feel much more confident.

Thank you very much.

Dinah Schubert, November 2015

I had my surgery just before Christmas 2014 and it took me until this September to build the courage to have a go at running.  But 9 weeks ago I started the NHS couch to 5k app and haven’t looked back.  That app is brilliant, thoroughly recommend it.  And yesterday I did the Ely Festive Fun Run (my first 5k) in 31.27!  and no pantie liners lol!!!
So if any of your clients need any encouragement share my story 🙂  I want to thank you, Amanda, for all your help and support last year.  I’m a new woman and loving the running! Very kind regards
Helen, December 2015