“Maxine and myself have been clients of South Cambridge Physiotherapy since 1996. Whenever we have needed treatment or advice we have always received both to the highest professional standard. We would both endorse the practice in every possible respect.”

Maxine & Barry Pratt
Great Massingham, Norfolk.


I have suffered from a deteriorating leg condition (foot, knee and hip) for many years restricting my walking down to just a few minutes per day in my late thirties.  Over time two principles have emerged.  Firstly, something I learned from osteopathy, is that back inflexibility can be at the root of many leg conditions.  Secondly, something NHS physiotherapy now focuses on, that core stability (following the Principles of Pilates) is essential to maintaining a healthy back and hence functioning legs.  With Julie, at the South Cambs Physio, I have now found a one-stop shop: someone who understands both sides of the equation, with whom I have been able to explore the treatment and exercises needed for my specific condition.  Over the last year I have reversed many years of decline in my walking ability, something my GP had said would not be possible, at least without surgery.

Bruce Greetham, April 2013