Physiotherapy to prepare for prostatectomy

If you have recently been advised to proceed with robotic prostatectomy your surgeon will have suggested practicing Pelvic Floor Exercises.    Pelvic Floor Exercises prior to surgery strengthen  and tone this important muscle group helping to reduce the problems of incontinence and erectile dysfunction which commonly complicate post-op recovery.

You may have been given an exercise booklet by the hospital or your surgeon and you will have found that an internet search reveals many similar exercises. Your general physiotherapist may have been able to clarify the exercises for you further.

However, it can be difficult to work out from drawings exactly what muscle exercises to do and how many. In particular it is common to be uncertain whether you are doing the exercises correctly. Alternatively, you may have found these initial exercises easy to pick up but are now wondering whether there is a higher level of exercise you could be working on?

You may benefit from a session with our specialist physiotherapist who is an expert at teaching pelvic floor exercises, to make sure that you are using exactly the right muscles and doing the appropriate level of exercises to encourage your muscles to grow and develop.   A specialist physiotherapist can help you get organised to follow a structured, effective clear exercise programme. In privacy, with respect and dignity,she can direct you how to feel your own muscles, and to be sure that you are working them correctly. If the basic exercises have become too easy for you she can show you more advanced exericses to try next. You can discuss your normal activties, sports and hobbies and think about strategies to return to them as quickly as possible after surgery. After a pre-op visit, you will then have the confidence that there is a specialist advisor at the end of the phone or email to help you with any continence issues that arise in the post-operative period. Appointments will be available for further coaching or additional rehabilitative input should you need it.

Amanda Savage MCSP Mst (Cantab) is an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist with specialist postgraduate training in rehabilitation of pelvic floor muscles. She has worked predominantly with women for over 15 years but was approached 4 years ago by Mr Shah, a local urology surgeon, to help prepare men for prostatectomy. Amanda and Mr Shah feel passionately that pelvic floor exercises are essential, easy and effective, and should be taught well to empower men with skills and confidence before their surgery.

If you would like to book an appointment with Amanda please call South Cambridge Physiotherapy 01223 870856 or send an email by clicking here.

When possible, we allow up to an hour for a first appointment. The cost of this appointment is £75. Follow up appointments are 45 mins and cost £53.