2021 brings us continuing protection measures for you and us

" The CSP is keen to reassure members and patients that physiotherapy services across the UK can remain open no matter what level of lock down restrictions their area is subject to. This includes private and independent sectors"

We shall continue to maintain strict measures to help reduce the risk of viral transmission occurring at South Cambridge Physiotherapy.

Please call or email for an appointment, you will be asked for some information to establish whether a face to face appointment is indicated.
It may be that you are high risk and a virtual appointment is more appropriate. You will have a registration form emailed to you for completion and signing. We will need to receive this back prior to your appointment taking place.

When you arrive at the clinic:
If this is by car, please wait in the car until your therapist indicates you can come in. If you come by foot, cycle or get dropped off and the weather is inclement, we have divided the waiting area into sections with perspex so you can come in to wait.

When you come into the clinic:
Unless you have medical exemption you will have to wear a mask correctly.
There is hand sanitizer for your use on entry and exit
If you have downloaded the app, you can press click and trace if you wish too. However as we do not offer walk in appointments we have the necessary details on our database.
You will be directed as to which treatment room to go into and asked not to touch anything on the way
Please bring a large bath towel and hand towel with you for your comfort, we have removed all couch covers and head cushions
The hard surfaces are cleaned with anti viral cleaner between each appointment, our hand soap is anti viral.
Your therapist will wear a mask and visor/or glasses.
At reception we have wipes and use anti viral spray to keep the area clean

We appreciate these measures may seem onerous, however, we would rather maintain these safety levels for the foreseeable future especially as we are now in the second wave plus second lock down.

Thank you


Please go to the "Team Page" and hover over the physio picture to see the days and times for clinics.
Therapists available for appointments are:
Musculo-skeletal appointments: Janet Julie Jo Liam and Jess
Womens Health: Amanda Savage and Nicola Day
Soft tissue therapist: Karina Page
Vestibular/Respiratory: Ali Parkes
Respiratory / Dysfunctional breathing: Chelliah Paramasivan
Occupational Hand therapy: Annie Capon

01223 870 856
[email protected]

Your safety is our priority

the Practice

After each appointment the room is thoroughly cleaned, the bed and chair disinfected with a medical virucide disinfectant . 

There is anti viral gel for you to use on entrance and exit to the clinic and in each room


wHAT YOU NEED to know and TO Bring

You will be asked  questions regarding your health and given information regarding procedures.

You will need a face mask to enter unless you have a medical proof that you are exempt.

Please bring a large towel with you for your comfort on the bed.

If arriving by car, please wait in your car until your therapist indicates to come in. If you have arrived via taxi, or been dropped off. cycled, walked – and the weather is inclement, the waiting area has been divided into 3 sections so you can come inside to wait.




your therapist

]Your therapist will be wearing a high spec mask, visor or glasses.

We have anti virucide hand cleaner

Uniforms or aprons are changed between patient appointments

Help slow the spread of #COVID19 and identify at risk cases sooner by self- reporting your symptoms daily, even if you feel well. Download the app https://covid.joinzoe.com/ 

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