Foam rolling – does it work?

Foam rolling: get the physio expert view This link was published on our Chartered Society of Physiotherapy website – we think this article is interesting, explaining the science behind how rolling might help and giving guidance on technique (including videos). University of Nottingham associate professor Roger Kerry assesses the research-backed benefits of foam rolling. What […]

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Pelvic floor exercise equipment – what’s new?

There is a lot of media publicity at the moment about apps and devices to help train the pelvic floor muscles.  Amanda Savage and Nicola Day both specialise in helping men, women and children find and train their pelvic floor muscles to improve pelvic support.  They can offer proper assessment of the pelvic floor and a […]

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Physiotherapists can help antenatal backpain

Antenatal backpain? Physiotherapy can help.

Can physio help with antenatal backpain? Are you suffering with antenatal backpain?  Or sciatica, back ache, leg pain?  SPD, PGP? Stand up, walk 2 steps in agony then actually ok once you are on the move? Or absolutely fine until you walk more than 100m?  Tubrigrip or a support belt wonderful……or makes everything worse……? Antenatal backpain […]

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